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The First Ever Podcast

Jan 27, 2021

Jeremy talks to Kayla Phillips, Nashville based musician and Foxie Cosmetics owner.

During this episode they discuss growing up in Austin, Texas, learning about veganism at 14, first finding punk and hardcore in first grade, getting into Blink 182 at daycare, how Austin has a great music scene, discovering new music on the radio, always having crushes on radio hosts because of their music taste, flyering for her own shows at high school, starting her first band at 12, how music was the center point at school as she couldn’t play at home, playing System Of A Down at high schoo talent showl, first time going to the studio with Bleed The Pigs, how the first time she recorded was in a garage, hating the studio sound because the band were so used to the DIY sound, the struggles of writing songs, starting her noise project Pulsatile Tinnitus, how Foxie Cosmetics started, the science that goes into bathbombs, how Courtney Love loved the products, watching people at New York fashion week walk away with her product gave her a sense of pride, why she loves using Twitch, gives her top 5 Horror movies, and more 

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