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The First Ever Podcast

Jan 6, 2021

Jeremy talks to Jordan Dreyer - writer and lead singer of La Dispute who released their fifth studio album, Panorama, in March 2019. 

During this episode they discuss the COVID-19 vaccine, how Jordan discovered Neil Young and Bob Dylan early in life by digging through his dad’s vinyl collection, Jordan’s cousin and bandmate Brad Vander Lugt, getting a ‘Toys-R-Us’ guitar and a synthesiser but never learning how to play either, Jordan and Brad’s shard love of Modest Mouse, At the Drive-In, and Glassjaw, impressing Brad by performing vocals on a Rage Against The Machine cover, starting La Dispute, recording their debut album Vancouver, getting signed to Friction Records, playing weekend shows while Jordan was still in high school, taking part in competitive public speaking events, No Sleep Records, Lars Ulrich’s battle against Napster, recording Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, meeting Jeremy and performing on the West Coast for the first time, being humbled by fans singing along at European shows, abandoning financial security in pursuit of a life music, the significance of making money for the first time, Jordan’s favourite films of 2020, and more.  

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