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The First Ever Podcast

Mar 10, 2021

Jeremy talks to TV Director and Writer Eric Appel (The Office, Silicon Valley, Brooklyn 99, The Andy Milonakis Show, Son of Zorn, and more)

During this podcast the two discuss Los Angeles commutes, Burbank, growing up in Endicott NY, Monty Python, Moron Movies, MTV’s The State, going to school for animation, attending and participating in improv shows, his time at the UCB theatre, living with Andy Milonakis and getting hired to write on his show, Human Giant, the writers strike in 2007, transitioning to directing at Funny or Die, getting hired to direct an episode of The Office and what that experience was like, the intricacies of directing Son of Zorn, his first feature Die Hart with Kevin Hart, and Eric makes Jeremy misty eyed with a Pee Wee Herman story.

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