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The First Ever Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

Jeremy talks to Alexis Marshall, vocalist for Daughters. Alexis also recently released a poetry collection in collaboration with Dan Darrah titled Moving Windows, available now through Secret Voice. 

During this episode they discuss how Alexis moved around a lot in childhood, getting kicked out of school, going to gigs in venues throughout Providence, how Alexis’ brother got him into Thrash and Hardcore at a very young age, having a difficult upbringing, how Alexis started writing lyrics, forming his first band called Displaced, the allure of becoming a frontman, starting Daughters and spending several years playing basement shows, why performing live now feels like second nature, the recording process for Alexis’ upcoming debut solo album, touring with Daughters, becoming sober, publishing poetry collections, the differences between writing lyrics and writing poetry, working with Jeremy and Dan Darrah on Moving Windows, playing at Hellfest in 2003, what the future holds for Daughters, and more. Moving Windows now available through Secret


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