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The First Ever Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

This week Jeremy interviews Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!
Listen now as the two talk  phone anxiety, Ghostbusters, the passing of time, The French Dispatch, Tom Petty, moving from Italy to Florida, her first guitar and reading music, junior high imaginary bands, learning Nirvana Songs, how playing bass has influenced her songwriting, non-rhyming lyrics, how she became a front person, 4 track demo recording, talent show performances, first basement show, creating your own scene, the genesis of Against Me and Laura’s zine Misanthrope, being pen pals with death row inmates, Crasshole records and the release of the self titled 12”, recording the Crime EP and what lead to Reinventing Axl Rose, how Laura and Jeremy first met, major label expectations, her first touring experiences, and so much more!
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