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The First Ever Podcast

Nov 10, 2021

This week Jeremy talks Austin Getz of the band Turnover
Jeremy is honored to host Austin Getz on his first ever podcast and the two discuss playing their first show back in Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, Living in New Orleans till he was 13, Blink 182, Napster, His first concert, he and his brother Casey’s interests growing up, his hippy guitar teacher, falling in love with jazz and piano, his first band Tears From a Glass Eye, playing in a band with people who listened to completely different music, the first time he recorded, the evolution of his vocals, the hardships of the Magnolia recording session, the sonic shift on their album Peripheral Vision, his first tour experience and first van, the first show he ever played, the release of the debut turnover 7”, how their relationship with Run For Cover started, the Turnover / Citizen split, mixing business with friendship, their ongoing relationship with Will Yip, playing mixed bills, and so much more!
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