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The First Ever Podcast

Aug 18, 2021

Jeremy Bolm sits down with actor / musician Keir Gilchrist
During this episode the two discuss moving, accents, first concerts, entertainment not being filtered, looking young and delayed bone growth, playing teenagers, his first band, insincere opportunities, how Jeremy and Keir met, Full of Hell / Gatecreeper, first tours, first auditions / Queer as Folk, the weight of landing a role, working with James Wan, landing his first network show The Winner produced by Seth MacFarlane, voice acting on Family Guy, United States of Tara and friendship with Brie Larson, getting emancipated, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and a charming Zach Galifianakis story, reflecting back on It Follows, hiding his punkness for auditions / meetings, The Stanford Prison Experiment, the first Atypical season and the start of his band Phalanx, losing your voice, the final season of Atypical, Party Down and mutual love for Ken Marino, and so much more!!
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