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The First Ever Podcast

Aug 11, 2021

Jeremy Bolm celebrates his 50th episode with guest Geoff Rickly of Thursday and a special intro by Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra
During this episode the two discuss exercise, being out of breath performing, The Beatles and they make him think of his parents, Nine Inch Nails and their song “Down In It”,  Kurt Cobain’s passing, Geoff’s first band, Saxophone and the time he played with Green Apple Quickstep at CBGB’s, first recording experiences, playing a pizza shop and a battle of the bands, Type O’Negative, advice for getting on shows as a new band, Geoff’s basement venue, playing guitar live, the importance of taping your microphone when performing, shared learning experiences, Midtown and how they got Thursday signed to Eyeball Records, Thursday’s first tours and their first time in Los Angeles, signing to Victory Records, ending up on MTV, the first time Jeremy and Geoff met, mutual appreciation, using the bathroom before performing, signing to a major label, and so much more!!
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