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The First Ever Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Jeremy talks to Musician and Visual Artist Yvette Young of Covet. 

During this podcast the two discuss how it was living on campus at UCLA, trying to write Baroque classical music, her love for The Darkness, learning instruments at an early age, her first band Astrochasm, her first show at Jerry’s Pizza in Bakersfield, the early stages of making art, her physical and mental health struggles (TW: anorexia) and how music helped her, getting a bachelors in fine arts, recording with Covet for the first time, catching Bird Flu on her first tour, SXSW and the pains that come with it, her signature Ibanez guitar, our mutual love for Iceland, releasing her solo material DIY, a special performance of PARACHUTE and so much more!

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