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The First Ever Podcast

Sep 30, 2020

Jeremy talks to Courtney Coles, Los Angeles-based photographer and visual storyteller. 

During this episode they discuss the challenges lockdown poses for artists and creatives, how Courtney discovered Touché Amoré, finding new music on Myspace during its heyday, how Courtney’s parent’s focus on education made it...

Sep 23, 2020

Jeremy talks to Dan Smith, musician and tattoo artist known for his work on the LA Ink series. 

During this episode they discuss Dan’s experiences moving from Middlesbrough in the UK to New Zealand when he was 6 years old, how he first got into drawing by sketching soccer team logos, Dan’s dad’s impressive record...

Sep 16, 2020

Jeremy talks to Alex Pardee, renowned artist and illustrator.

During this episode they discuss the newspaper comic strips that influenced Alex as a child, The Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson, how a mental health crisis led to Alex finding refuge in drawing, the influence of horror movies on his work, and the time...

Sep 9, 2020

Jeremy talks to American Idol star and solo performer Alejandro Aranda, AKA Scarypoolparty.

During this episode they discuss how Alejandro first got into music by listening to his uncle play covers of the Beatles, and how he became totally obsessed with guitar to the point where he was practicing up to nine hours a day....

Sep 2, 2020

Jeremy talks to Tim Kasher, frontman of the bands Cursive and The Good Life.

During this episode they discuss Tim’s recent birthday, how Tim’s family exposed him to lots of different music throughout childhood, forming a cover band and playing homecoming gigs to save up cash, Tim’s “magical” first recording...