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The First Ever Podcast

Oct 14, 2020

Jeremy talks to Tim Williams, vocalist for Vision of Disorder. 

During this episode they discuss Tim’s early love of singing, growing up listening to Mötley Crüe and Twisted Sister, hanging out at Island Sound records in Long Island, collecting rare band posters, the pivotal influence of Jim Morrison and The Doors on Tim’s career, recording his first lyrics with a friend’s older brother on a 4-track recorder, how Tim’s vocal style influenced Jeremy, writing poetry vs writing lyrics, starting Vision of Disorder, getting signed to Roadrunner Records, working with producer Jamie Locke, the story behind the ‘Green Drip’ self-titled album cover, working with Phil Anselmo, touring with Pantera, re-recording old demos, Tim’s relationship with Daryl Palumbo from Glassjaw, working on From Bliss To Devastation with producer Machine, and more. 

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