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The First Ever Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

Jeremy talks to Lindsey Byrnes, LA-based photographer and creative director who has shot for / ran campaigns and editorials for the likes of Nylon, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Kerrang, Chanel, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Good Dye Young and many others. 

During this episode they discuss the time when Lindsey photographed Touché Amoré, growing up in California, working for Thrasher and Juxtapoz, becoming a concert and event photographer for Goldenvoice, being influenced by skate photographers, getting a camera from a former boss and getting into photography, shooting a band portrait for the first time, the differences between studio and live photography, Lindsey’s time playing keyboard in her band Paradise Boys, Lindsey’s love of Coachella, being humbled by getting her first paid gig as a photographer, making the transition from marketing to full-time photography, why Lindsey never believed she could actually grow up to be an artist, being a people person and working closely with clients on projects, staying productive during the pandemic, working with Hayley Williams of Paramore and actor Kristen Stewart, the experience of being star struck at work, subjectivity vs objectivity in art, and more.

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