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The First Ever Podcast

Dec 2, 2020

Jeremy talks to Jillian Evelyn, LA-based artist and designer whose paintings explore the struggle of womanhood and the anxiety that arises from societal pressures, 

During this episode they discuss growing up in rural Michigan, the difficulties of discovering new music in a small town pre-internet, Jillian’s parent’s careers, connecting with art through school, getting into trouble for drawing on notebooks and clothes, dealing with ADD, sketching portraits, going to art school, switching from graphic design to illustration, being doubted by teachers, how Jillian developed her own style, working with Shepard Fairey, how certain galleries exert control over artists, COVID’s impact on the art world, working on shoe design for Converse, challenging expectations around the kinds of things women are ‘supposed’ to draw, taking a job with TOMS and moving to California, how Jillian’s struggles in the corporate world influenced her art, advice for aspiring artists, habit formation, and more. 

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