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The First Ever Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

Jeremy talks to Graham Elliot, award-winning chef and restaurateur known for his work on the MasterChef TV series. 

During this episode they discuss cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, Graham’s favourite ‘quick and easy’ recipes, Neil Young, how Instagram is changing the restaurant industry, growing up in a Navy family, moving to Virginia Beach and becoming part of the hardcore scene, Graham’s love of seafood, working at a top restaurant while studying at college, running a kitchen for the first time at 26, winning Food & Wine’s ‘Best New Chef’ award, landing a job as a head chef in Vermont, how Graham’s DIY ethic shaped his career, filming MasterChef and working with Gordon Ramsay, being the ‘nice guy’ on the judging panel, rejecting an invitation to become a member of Soho House, Jeremy discusses the infamous ‘punk stew’ served on European tours, Graham’s first cookbook, cooking for Obama & Oprah, seeing Nirvana live, Jeremy and Graham list their top 3 records of all time, and more. 

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