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The First Ever Podcast

Dec 9, 2020

Jeremy talks to Ben Walsh, founding member of the band Tigers Jaw, who are set to release their sixth studio album I Won't Care How You Remember Me in March 2021.


During this episode they discuss how COVID has affected touring, the recent US presidential election, Ben’s move from Scranton to Philadelphia, connecting with church music early in life, how Ben looked up to his older cousin who played in a band at college, going to a concert for the first time to see Weird Al Yankovic, seeing bands perform at ‘Mighty Johns’, struggling to learn guitar, buying a cheap drum kit, drumming along to Green Day and Blink-182, forming a band for the first time in 7th grade, Ben’s first ‘gig’ at his 8th grade talent show, dealing with stage fright, getting involved in the Scranton music scene, connecting with other local bands on MySpace and organising gigs, recording for the first time on an old tape recorder, Ben’s first tour, performing in obscure towns and cities, and more.


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