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The First Ever Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

Jeremy talks to Bartees Strange, producer and singer/songwriter who released his debut album, Live Forever, in October 2020. 

During this episode they discuss recording Live Forever, Bartees’ experiences growing up in a military family and traveling throughout his childhood, being exposed to church music early in life, discovering Jimi Hendrix, getting a guitar for Christmas in high school, recording for the first time in a friend’s garage with just a Macbook and two mics, why Bartees over-prepares for everything, how rushing negatively impacts the recording process, Jeremy asks Bartees to name his favorite songs by The National, the pros and cons of being on the road touring, Bartees’ long list of previous bands, dabbling in many genres - from country to hardcore, Bartees’ unexpected love of Chris Gaines (Garth Brook’s alter ego) and more. 

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