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The First Ever Podcast

Aug 5, 2020

Jeremy talks to Andy Hull, lead singer and songwriter for Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books, and Right Away, Great Captain! 

During this episode they discuss Andy’s early love of church music and acapella harmonies, the soundtrack to the 1993 film The Firm, Andy’s grandparent’s prolific gospel group The Joymakers, struggling with piano lessons and music theory, learning to play Song 2 by Blur on a $100 Yamaha acoustic, studying chord progressions in Bob Dylan songs, Andy’s songwriting process, losing a ‘Battle of the Bands’ in high school, how Andy’s parents supported and encouraged the creation of his first album, the importance of indie record stores, founding Manchester Orchestra, getting a call from Rick Rubin at 20 years old, developing a DIY ethic through touring with Colour Revolt and Anathallo, the challenges of balancing family life with music, Andy’s collaboration on the latest Touché Amoré single, Limelight, and more. 

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