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The First Ever Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

This week Jeremy interviews Dylan Walker, Vocalist of Full of Hell
On this episode the two talk living in central Pennsylvania, touring Japan, his parents who saw Bad Brains and The Ramones, his first concert, seeing metal shows in rural areas, small town metalcore, MySpace, booking DIY tours and the hardships that come with that, first instruments played, Cursive’s “The Ugly Organ”, Murder by Death, Bright Eyes’s “Fevers and Mirror”, how playing music took over all his interests, first shows played, the excitement and nerves before performing, things breaking on stage, stage banter, recording aggressive vocals, imperfections, screamo, first tour, releasing their first 7”, recording records quickly, working with Mark McCoy, Converge and working with Kurt Ballou, recording Garden of Burning Apparitions, Full of Hell’s consistent output, and so much more!
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