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The First Ever Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

This week Jeremy interviews Comedian and host of several podcasts, Steve Hernandez
Steve is the host of a brand new podcast called Read The Bible with Me and also co-hosts shows like Views From the Vista, The Male Gaze, and Who’s Your God? He’s a comedian and you can catch him as acting as the bartender in the Touche Amore video for Limelight. Jeremy and Steve talk about growing up Christian, the book of James, psychedelics, memorizing books of the Bible, justifying the word of God, growing up in Los Angeles, mega churches, tenants of Christianity, good preachers and bad preachers, not playing by the rules of the Bible, defending misinformation, Joe Rogan, Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious”, strict parenting, cursing, doing stand up for the first time, eating shit on stage, protected audiences, working out material, Jeremy tells Steve about the first and only time he did Stand Up, performing material in front of peers, the different scenes that exist in comedy, and so much more!
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