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The First Ever Podcast

Oct 6, 2021

This week Jeremy interviews musician, artist, and label owner Jacob Bannon of Converge / Deathwish Inc
Jeremy and Jacob go on a deep dive  and talk early days of Converge and his art career on this special episode of The First Ever Podcast. On this episode the two talk being an archivist, growing up in Massachusetts, early musical loves, how punk was an introduction to being creative, David Bowie, how he started Converge as the bass player, first time connecting with art, taking photos at shows when he was younger until his camera was stolen, 31 years of Converge and reflecting on that, the role of being a singer in a band, the first Converge show and how they chose the band name, recording the first 7” in New Hampshire, early vocal influences and how he found his voice, his first experience doing a label, the story of the Boston is Burning comp 7”, self releasing records, his first tour, the Summer of 1994, meeting Avail and what he learned from them, visiting Epitaph Records on his first trip to Los Angeles, juggling Converge and college, his brief time as a teacher teaching “introduction to practical design and illustration”, designing album art for bands, his design relationship with Aaron Turner, the inspiration for starting Deathwish Inc, designing “Opposite of December”, his first art show, when Deathwish Inc grew beyond a small operation, and so much more!
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