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The First Ever Podcast

Sep 29, 2021

This week Jeremy interviews Tim Singer of Deadguy, Kiss it Goodbye, Bitter Branches
Just ahead of Deadguy’s reunion show in Philadelphia, the two talk about growing up in Summit, NJ, how much things have changed in NYC from then till now, the first shows he saw at CBGBs / The Ritz, his brothers influence on his music taste early on, “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies, Winston Smith, the art of Dead Kennedys, Boiling Point fanzine, his introduction to photography, developing his own photos, tidbits about album art he designed, auditioning for his first band No Escape, realizing who he was as a vocalist, themes for lyrics, wanting to standout sonically amongst peers, Deadguy landed on Victory, first recording experiences and hearing his voice back the first time, how his stream of consciousness performances came to be, recording Fixation on a Co-Worker with Steve Evetts, the joy of hearing your band recorded back in car speakers, first touring experiences with No Escape, getting to play the OK Hotel in Seattle, how Kiss It Goodbye was suppose to put out a Sub Pop Singles Club 7”, what brought Tim back to being in bands, Deadguy reunion shows, juggling art with music, and so much more!
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