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The First Ever Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

Jeremy Bolm interviews singer/songwriter Jon Simmons of Creeks / Balance and Composure. 
During this episode the two discuss Jon’s trip home to Pennsylvania, his time in Knoxville, TN as a child, Christian pop punk, his early love for rap and R&B, joining the church band, playing air guitar in the mirror, his first band The Has Been’s, Easter Kids, This Day Forward, The Erection Kids, the Doylestown music scene, early recording memories, signing to No Sleep records, recording Separation with Brian McTernan, his friendship with Vinnie Caruana, myspace tours, his first package tour with Title Fight, Bayside and Senses Fail, reminiscing about our time touring together, life after Balance and Composure, moving to Los Angeles and making new music with his solo project Creeks as well as Coward and Misery Club, and so much more! The show ends with a very special performance of his new song “Stone Cold”. 
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